About Us



“We only get this one life and the amount of time we spend unhappy is not worth one single moment of it…”
                   We are currently beginning our 4th year of marriage. We spent our first 3 years living in the ever wonderful yet incredibly challenging city that is Los Angeles. I, working as a General Manager for a casting office in West Hollywood, and Niko the Customer Service and Logistics Manager for two magazine companies. Sounds glamorous probably, but it’s really not. During this time, my heart and passion for this city slowly began to fade and the yearning of rolling green hills and little creek brooks flood my heart and mind daily. The Great Outdoors really is calling my name! It is my happy place. Niko is from California and a would be happy spending the rest of his life at the beach w/GOD.` He’s so not your ‘9 to 5er’ long timer. He’s spent the last year pouring his heart out in a job all for the sake of ‘responsibility’ but as time wears on, that burden got heavier. And man, that has been tough. It began to put a lot of stress on our marriage when our jobs began to exhaust all our time and energy. We were not happy and surely were not thriving.
So, we started praying. We are people who love Jesus, who love people, and who desire to be known by our love. Now before you judge us to quickly, we happen to think Jesus is a shape shifter and NASA never went to the moon, so don’t put us in a box just yet! Haha. But, during this struggle and as are personal frustrations of life became harder to mask we found ourselves arguing often, we just felt something was coming to a head. For Christmas we got some camping equipment and fulfilled a long life desire to be campers, that really awakened something in us. The sheer freedom we felt, the way we naturally fell into team-work, based off our natural gifting and talents, it was really encouraging. Something was changing in us. A running theme in our marriage over the three years since having prayed about staying or leaving Los Angeles, has been, “What takes the most faith?”
We are going on the road.  We don’t fully know how this is going to all work out, but we are talking a huge step toward investing in things that really matter to us. Really living and really loving others. Aiming to perfect our communion with the Almighty by His grace alone.
We wanna go out, where the needs are. whether that is next door or the next state. We don’t know where, but we are hoping through word of mouth and hopefully through some of you. Crisscrossing the USA stopping in different cities (living in our van) to do life for a bit with people who have a need. Maybe someone you know, could use some extra hands and feet for a project or something. Well, let us know. We really wanna open our life up to let the Lord of Love employ us and see what happens. We understand this is terribly unconventional, but we also know that we have a great Confidence in who will lead us and will let Love provide the way.