Thursday 10/19/17

We are back in Rockford, Il. We are currently house sitting for our best friends here! It's really nice to have this time in a home and get to cook on a stove some of our favorite meals. It's small things like this that really make us thankful now.

We had a weeks worth of work lined up, but due to some unfortunate circumstances... we didn't feel that we could continue in it in good conscience, so we sadly had to quit. Hope to write a post about it, but we are still processing and praying through it all. We will be serving at the Rockford Rescue Mission this week instead and we are stoked to do that! We also have been gifted the attendance of a marriage conference here this Saturday at City First Church!! Though we are sad to not be working as we thought, we are thankful that the Lord is giving us other ways to serve him and to grow in Him. Thank you for your prayers!

Tuesday 10/10/2017

Well, we totally got away from the DFR aka Daily Field Report. Not sure if that's a realistic way to approach this section. So we are gonna just call it the F.R. haha! Field Report. 

Since we were doing the daily reports so much has happened. We went to visit Michelle's best friend Heather and her husband Nick in Rockford Il. Got to serve at their church with them. We were blessed to attend a Cubs game sitting practically on the field. There we also got to serve and do some work for their friend Mark, clearing out a storage room. 

From there we went to Michelle's brothers in West Va and spent time with everyone there including her nephews. Went camping on a river, all night fishing! Lots of memories created. Didn't get to do any work here, but that was okay. 

Left there and headed to Lee County to Michelle's home town! Planned to stay there for quite a bit, spending time with her aunt and uncle. Unfortunately, staying with them only lasted for a few days due to bad use of drugs and alcohol that made things quite on edge. We left there to spend time and do some work for my best friends mom and her friend. We collected chestnuts and walnuts! Like a truckload full! OMG! that was a hard job but we were super blessed for the work.

We werent in Lee County a full week before Michelle's brother texted asking us to return and that we were needed. There was an emergency in the family and they needed some help. So, here we are now back in West VA.  We've been here now for two and a half weeks! At first there was lots for us too do in helping with the boys, cleaning and just being a support system. Things chilled out and we thought we were ready to get back on the road, only to be stopped by something else. It's been a bit of back and fourth in feeling not needed to feeling needed, leaving or staying. But, each day we surrender to the Lord and we just follow His promptings. 

As of now, we may leave this coming week! or my brother my be buying a house where we would be needed to help with that process. So, we don't know yet and are just waiting. In the meantime we are making great memories with them and doing much appreciated life with them. 

Not sure where we are headed next! We are praying about that now. Excited to see where the Lord takes us next. 




September Thirteenth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Today we explored around the historical town of Lexington, Va. Such a cool place. We the new drive 4 hours too Lee County. We arrived around 6pm and my aunt and uncle were already in rare form. It was not how we expected to be relieved, but we just started praying! We knew this was going to be a challenge but I don't think I realized how much of one. Just a lot of chaos. Please be praying for us. We are glad to be here! The Lord has His plan and we just wanna try and be faithful. Please keep us in your prayers. 

August Twenty-Third, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Oh man! What a great evening catching up with friends last night. We woke up this morning and Niko headed out to a job site doing construction work. The Lord has really been blessing us with work to provide for us! We have the best dad! Michelle spent the day with Brie and Robert and the kids, just hanging and playing a lot of tag. Niko got home around 5:30pm and we headed over to see one of Niko's best friends and his wife. Brad and Mollie~ we love them and always feel blessed when we get to see them. We had dinner and caught up for a bit. Niko was super tired, so we jumped in our 'vanhome' and went to bed. 

August Twenty-Second, Two Thousand and Seventeen

We spent half the day with our friend Casey and got to learn about chicken and duck eggs! Then we headed to a park to relax and just chill before we headed over to our good friends Robert and Brie who moved to Denver a while ago. They had a marvelous vegan dinner for us and were just beyond welcoming. We sat outside after dinner talking theology, haha! our favorite past time. 

August Twenty-First, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Today is Michelle's Birthday!!!! Woke up to the birds singing and an amazing view of the lake! So dreamy. The Eclipse started around 10:30am and we sat on our van and watched it! Man! There really aren't any words to describe what we experienced. The sun went completely dark. The sky was dark. The stars came out! Wow! Just really really cool. We packed up and headed to Denver after! We stayed with Michelle's old boss from CAZT and spent the evening hot-tubing and catching up with them. Really blessed time! 

August Twentieth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

We woke up around 7am to see just how small a town we had pulled into. We went to find coffee and only one small place was open. A little cafe what was so mid-western even we felt nervous. We had a quick breakfast and then went to find a park to set up shop to watch the Eclipse. Once we arrived at the park, the park warden came by and told us about a cool spot 25 mins up the road called Grey Rocks Reservoir. He let us know it was free (the park was not) and that not many people were there, so we took a chance and headed up. Wow! We felt so blessed when we arrived! It was so beautiful! We got a lake front spot and spent the day swimming and meeting people. Cooked for our first time in the van! Watched the stars at night and spent some time praying for all the people we love and those we have met. What a great day! The Lord has been so faithful. 

August Nineteenth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Wow!!! Sleeping in the van is pretty cool. Didn't get cold and didn't get hot, which for me is a huge deal. Woke up and went to Walmart, haha. Got some things and used their restroom. We ate Frosted Mini Wheats for breakfast got some coffee then headed out! We drove to Salt Lake City and had the most amazing lunch (thank you Annette) at an all plant based restaurant called Vertical Diner! I had a fried ranch chicken sandwich that tasted better than any real chicken sandwich I've ever had. We got to Wheatland, WY around midnight. There was nothing there! No walmart, no star bucks! nothing. We parked in a neighborhood in front of a house (not ideal) and went straight to bed. Around 3am, somehow a party happened out of nowhere outside our van!!! It sounded like 20 people and it was very unsettling. We didn't get much sleep after that, cause they partied around our van for like 2 hours!!!! OMG! I know. Finally they left and we fell asleep. 

August Eighteenth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Today we sat out for the road. Woke up and got everything ready to go. We left around 12:30pm and headed to Reno to Cabela's to get our cooler. Then we grabbed lunch at Original Mel's Diner. We are two happy kids just so thankful to our Lord for this season!! We drove to Elko, NV and slept in our first Walmart parking lot. We felt super safe. We just wanna praise the Lord for all of his provision!! It is incrediable. 

August Seventeenth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

All this week we have been bit by bit packing up and getting ready to head out. Today was our last project commitment and it couldn't be for a more fitting lady. Today we went back to Mimi's (from our first project) to help her clean and re-organizing her garage. She kindly took us to a Chinese buffet for lunch and then we hung out with her for a bit. Looks like we will be setting out tomorrow! 

August Sixteenth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

God is so faithful guys! What another cool day! We drove to tim-buck-too today to a farm where Jessica and Timothy live! We actually got a little lost trying to find it. They were a hard working young couple (23 and 26) with 5 children under 3 years of age! Wowzers! Like most farms, things tend to pile up, and they needed some help clearing some things off the land and cleaning up their yard. We took down and cleaned out a pool for them. Played with their extremely sweet children! They fed us lunch, while we all watched Pokemon!!! YES!!!! We worked hard today, but it was fun work! This couple really blessed us, and seeing them and their life was inspiring. We pray the Lord would bless them! 

August Fifteen, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Today was a great day!! We are so incredibly encouraged at all He has done! Today we did our 2nd job/project. We met a retired couple (Bill and Sue) and we did a days worth of yard work for them! Pulling weeds, re-landscaped their flower beds, trimmed rose bushes, cleaned out their garage and tool shed.  It's really fun to learn how to do all these things! All that time Niko spent in Landscaping as CCBC is paying off! haha. At lunch, they gathered us around their table and got us Burger King!!! Burger King has a veggie burger too!!! Did not know that! They were really awesome and we are so thankful to have met them and got to serve them. 

August Thirteen, Two Thousand and Seventeen

SUNDAY!!! Today we woke up and drove to Carson to visit a Calvary chapel. Man, so good! We had such a good time and heard such an important word from the Lord for us. God knows us all so well, and he knows exactly what we need. We chuckle at the Lord and how clever he is with us. What a friend we have in Jesus! After chruch my sweet husband took me out to eat! Today was great! 

August Twelveth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Today was Deb's birthday!!!! We went to Carson City to Flamingos and had an amazing birthday brunch with her and Kami! We really love Deb! She has such a tender heart for people and a kindness for them that is not contrived. She just loves people and we love her! We are thankful for her and so glad she was born! She as well as Kami have taken us in and just loved us, no questions asked. And that's a really nice feeling and we pray that the Lord will return to them, threefold all that they have given to us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB! THANK YOU AND WE LOVE YOU! 

August Eleventh, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Today we did our first job!!!! We met an amazing women named Mimi who is disabled but shines brighter then a dimond! She really was a true gem and we have made a friend forever in her. Soon as we met her, Niko and I both felt... that we are exactly where the Lord wants us to be! We helped Mimi pull some weeds and clear a ditch and then we cleaned her cabinets and floors. She made us an amazing spread for lunch with even a vegan option for Niko. We were moved to tears by her kindness and joy! She has every reason in this world to be sad, but she is not! She is clothed in such a strength that no amount of physical strength to surpass it.  We are greatful to the Lord for this day and for Mimi! 

August Tenth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Work this morning and did our thing! Then we went to a neighbors house who we were suppose to do some work for, but once we arrived she let us know that it has already been done, so what was suppose to be a full day of working, was a full day of working on the van! We are still working on getting the table in. Michelle started moving things in yesterday and so far it's really coming together nicely! Can't wait to get on the road! 

August Ninth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Today was such a nice day! Niko and I spent the day just studying in the WORD and just hanging out with God! I completed the curtains!!!! Finally. They look pretty great I must say. We ordered some things we needed from Amazon for the van. We need to finish a shelf, get the table installed better and then get the tags!!! Once the tags come we should be ready to head out! We also got a little job doing some 'weed pulling' for a neighbor tomorrow!!! Any work is an answered prayer.

August Eighth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

We are getting super close to the van being completed! The table install didn't go perfectly so we have to figure something out to better get that sucker in. That's pretty much how converting our van has gone. Most everything has to be figured out. Thankfully it is coming along! Michelle is still sewing curtains. She had 7 windows to cover and two and three panes for each window. Pretty time-consuming! Shout out to those special ladies that sewed our blankets for our wedding! My heart is so thankful for them and the work they did, that i"m reminded of daily as I sew hems in all these curtains. haha! We are still waiting on our tags as well.