Tuesday 10/10/2017

Well, we totally got away from the DFR aka Daily Field Report. Not sure if that's a realistic way to approach this section. So we are gonna just call it the F.R. haha! Field Report. 

Since we were doing the daily reports so much has happened. We went to visit Michelle's best friend Heather and her husband Nick in Rockford Il. Got to serve at their church with them. We were blessed to attend a Cubs game sitting practically on the field. There we also got to serve and do some work for their friend Mark, clearing out a storage room. 

From there we went to Michelle's brothers in West Va and spent time with everyone there including her nephews. Went camping on a river, all night fishing! Lots of memories created. Didn't get to do any work here, but that was okay. 

Left there and headed to Lee County to Michelle's home town! Planned to stay there for quite a bit, spending time with her aunt and uncle. Unfortunately, staying with them only lasted for a few days due to bad use of drugs and alcohol that made things quite on edge. We left there to spend time and do some work for my best friends mom and her friend. We collected chestnuts and walnuts! Like a truckload full! OMG! that was a hard job but we were super blessed for the work.

We werent in Lee County a full week before Michelle's brother texted asking us to return and that we were needed. There was an emergency in the family and they needed some help. So, here we are now back in West VA.  We've been here now for two and a half weeks! At first there was lots for us too do in helping with the boys, cleaning and just being a support system. Things chilled out and we thought we were ready to get back on the road, only to be stopped by something else. It's been a bit of back and fourth in feeling not needed to feeling needed, leaving or staying. But, each day we surrender to the Lord and we just follow His promptings. 

As of now, we may leave this coming week! or my brother my be buying a house where we would be needed to help with that process. So, we don't know yet and are just waiting. In the meantime we are making great memories with them and doing much appreciated life with them. 

Not sure where we are headed next! We are praying about that now. Excited to see where the Lord takes us next.