Thursday 10/19/17

We are back in Rockford, Il. We are currently house sitting for our best friends here! It's really nice to have this time in a home and get to cook on a stove some of our favorite meals. It's small things like this that really make us thankful now.

We had a weeks worth of work lined up, but due to some unfortunate circumstances... we didn't feel that we could continue in it in good conscience, so we sadly had to quit. Hope to write a post about it, but we are still processing and praying through it all. We will be serving at the Rockford Rescue Mission this week instead and we are stoked to do that! We also have been gifted the attendance of a marriage conference here this Saturday at City First Church!! Though we are sad to not be working as we thought, we are thankful that the Lord is giving us other ways to serve him and to grow in Him. Thank you for your prayers!