August Nineteenth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Wow!!! Sleeping in the van is pretty cool. Didn't get cold and didn't get hot, which for me is a huge deal. Woke up and went to Walmart, haha. Got some things and used their restroom. We ate Frosted Mini Wheats for breakfast got some coffee then headed out! We drove to Salt Lake City and had the most amazing lunch (thank you Annette) at an all plant based restaurant called Vertical Diner! I had a fried ranch chicken sandwich that tasted better than any real chicken sandwich I've ever had. We got to Wheatland, WY around midnight. There was nothing there! No walmart, no star bucks! nothing. We parked in a neighborhood in front of a house (not ideal) and went straight to bed. Around 3am, somehow a party happened out of nowhere outside our van!!! It sounded like 20 people and it was very unsettling. We didn't get much sleep after that, cause they partied around our van for like 2 hours!!!! OMG! I know. Finally they left and we fell asleep.