August Twentieth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

We woke up around 7am to see just how small a town we had pulled into. We went to find coffee and only one small place was open. A little cafe what was so mid-western even we felt nervous. We had a quick breakfast and then went to find a park to set up shop to watch the Eclipse. Once we arrived at the park, the park warden came by and told us about a cool spot 25 mins up the road called Grey Rocks Reservoir. He let us know it was free (the park was not) and that not many people were there, so we took a chance and headed up. Wow! We felt so blessed when we arrived! It was so beautiful! We got a lake front spot and spent the day swimming and meeting people. Cooked for our first time in the van! Watched the stars at night and spent some time praying for all the people we love and those we have met. What a great day! The Lord has been so faithful.