August Sixth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

It's Sunday! Deb work up with a rash all over her face! Kami took her to the E.R. Niko and I spent the morning reading the word and praying! There's some chatter out there regarding this August 21st Eclipse that really just made our hearts wanna pray. Deb got back from the E.R and she has shingles!!! Oh man! Praying for her healing.  Michelle made a big pot of Soup Beans and Cornbread for everyone! Continued working on the van. 

August Fifth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Today we did some yard work and worked on the van! We are starting to pattern out the curtains and Michelle has brought out her sewing machine, that she has to learn how to re-use. Niko, finished completing our storage bins. They look so great! We went to a BBQ with some of Kami and Deb's neighbors! Had such a nice time! Came home and sat on the porch talking with everyone. 

August Third, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Just a typical vanlife work day! Getting the van ready is no joke! It's almost like remodeling a house. haha. Went to the store to stock up on food. We are laying low as funds are depleting and the Lord is our only source of income! Prayers for that if you don't mind. We trust the Lord to provide for us and he already is and has via some of you generous kind folk. Kami and Deb have been beyond loving toward us in that way, generously giving to us in so many ways! A place to stay, supplies, food, stuff for the van, their time and energy! Could not have done this without them! Super thankful to them and the others who have loved us in this way. Thank you for your prayers! 

August Second, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Today we went to town and got lunch! We needed to just get out, away from all the van work and just be with each other. We are still working through our disagreement, but this totally helped. We ate lunch at an amazing little spot that has the best vegan sandwich Niko's ever had. Then we went to a cute little thrift store and looked around for a bit. It's always a great day when we finally come to understanding and work though our crap. 

August First, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Yay! It's Michelle's Birthday Month! Today was a tough day for us in marriage world. We are two very different individuals who love each other and also love ourselves. It's hard sometimes. We were disagreeing strongly today so we needed to give each other some space, pray and reflect. Sometimes, only the Lord can get us in the right head space for this. 

July Thirtieth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Sun - Today Niko and Kami still working on the van! It's coming along! Deb and Michelle did yard work and pulled a ton of weeds. Man, never new what a pain weeds were for home owners. Geez!!!! Those suckers won't go away. Niko and I have been working through a disagreement this weekend, which is not the most fun but it is married life. We watched our friend Lila compete in the Eddie Bravo Invitational! She kicked butt, but didn't win this time! Way to go Lila! We are super proud of you, what a beast you are! 

July Twenty-Ninth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Sat - Today is UFC day! Which we love. We have been waiting for this fight between Jon Jones and Cormier for a long time. Sadly, Niko and I always tend to get in a bit of a squabble on these days. I don't' know if we are unconsciously self-sabotaging those days or what, but it is annoying. We spent the majority of the day working on it, while working on the van, making store runs. Ahhh life always happens right. We did work through it by the time UFC started, but there a bit more. 


July Twenty-Fifth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Woke up this morning and worked the van a bit with Kami and put out a plan for the day. Took the van seats to the dump and got rid of those suckers. Went to Walmart to price out some bedding for our bed. Niko met Kami and the lumber store and got all our wood along with our kitchen cabinets!!! Heak Yeah! Michelle went to the Minden Farmers Market and got some veggies. Niko and Kami built out the bed and put it in the van! We are getting there! 

July Twenty-Forth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Today was quite a day. Woke up and had some breakfast. We went to the DMV here in Nevada to get our van #BLUEDRM tagged and registered. Before we left, Kami came home early and we were all sitting outside when the dogs started freaking out. Karlie, Kami's lab went toe to toe with a freaking Rattlesnake. She ended up getting bitten and Kami had to rush her to the vet. They got home a few hours later and thankfully Karlie was okay! We were all outside this evening, looking at the fire on the hill (about a miles distance) when the dogs started freaking out again. Karlie found a 2nd snake, this time a Bull Snake. Sheesh! It was quite an adrenaline filled day. 


July Twenty-First, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Took a rest this morning from working out. Michelle is super sore from that bike ride yesterday. Today we did lawn work; mowing, pulling weeds, picking up dog poo. We dropped into a martial arts training gym here in Gardnerville. West Coast Martial Arts School, one of the Machado family where Niko got to train for the first time since we started this journey. What a blessing this studio was, as were the instructors. Niko was just so happy, geeking out on the new leglock entries he learned. Came home and cooked dinner and of course watched Big Brother. Yep, we are avid watchers. 

July Twentieth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Woke to still see the smoke looming over the mountains. Praying the fires in Reno cease soon. Had our morning time, did some works outs, and made lunch. Niko ran some errands, Michelle stayed home and cleaned the house. Rode our bikes to the river (not the easiest trek, might I add) and hung around. Came home, made dinner, looked for vans. 

July Nineteenth, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Per usual we woke up and had breakfast. Then did our morning routine and worked out. Drove up to Lake Tahoe. Had our first vegan pizza at Dough, which was really amazing! Would have never known it was vegan if it didn't have all those veggies on it. While up at Tahoe, we also went to look at a 88’ Toyata RV. It was totally cool, but not for us. Would have cost us to much to get it ready to go. Came home and got some huge encouragement from Kami, then cooked dinner and watched some tv.