Civil Religion: The stumbling stone of the modern church


              Not too long into setting out across America to pursue preaching the goodnews of the Kingdom of God and helping those in need, I was confronted with what I thought at the time was close to blasphemy. A teaching that was so contrary to my understanding of Scripture particularly in regard to eschatology that I was actually upset because the person informing me of this had just graduated from seminary! 

Graduating from Bible college from a non-denominational discipline taught me much of God and His Christ and why the church was so important, but it also taught me many things that I had to receive by faith like my salvation and the gift of the Holy Spirit and the Rapture of the saints before the antichrist should be revealed and Daniels 70th week be finally realized.  

This will not be a post trying to convince you of anything but, what I have seen and what has been revealed to me so far through the word of God I can not deny. As I took on the heavy task of examining what and why I believe what I do about what Scripture teaches about the second coming of the Messiah Jesus, the less I saw anything really describing a "secret taking away" of the righteous toward God. I also could find no answer of why the 70th week of Daniel(or often referred to as the "time of Jacob's trouble") was Severed from the 69 weeks in the first place and made into some prophetic 7 year period that has yet be fulfilled! Not to mention that the rapture theology fundemtaly teaches that there is 2 comings of Christ, one to rapture the saints and one were he comes to kill everyone who doesn't believe and establish His Kingdom on Earth. The Bible however does not know this teaching and is firm that Jesus is the one who was and is and is to come, the Alpha and Omega. More specifically, the Lamb who was slain sit's on the Throne of God's Power with a sword that comes from his mouth not his hand!

But in a radical turn of events the dispensational theology(created in the 19th century) confessing itself to be the "rightly divided word", had many times with its precision and understanding predicted with great conviction of heart, the the rapture of the church. Most notably you will remember the late Chuck Smith who predicted the rapture would take place in 1981, 40 years(a generation) from the re-institution of Israel in 1948. Dispensationlists have been changing the dates even into our modern times to fit their respected timelines. Figuratively trying to bend what is happening in the news with what the Bible says creating a hybrid-Frankenstein theology that is yet to be made alive.


In America, Civil Religion is second nature. For as children we were taught to pledge our alligence to America. Hearing the tales of the forefathers like George Washington who famously never told a lie. To the rituals instituted every year like Thanksgiving and the 4rth of July which you will gladly participate in. But here is where things will start to get uncomfortable. it is common knowledge to say, "God bless America!" Or even, "God bless our troops!" Are we asking the God of the Bible to somehow favor our young people in killing another countries young people? Or preferring the people of this continent over another? Yet the Bible portrays the saints in heaven as from every tribe and every tongue worshipping God with zero nationalism for there respected country as they are citizens of Heaven. If you are to ask any American today they would tell you infaticly that freedom ISN'T FREE, and that if it weren't for the brave men and woman serving in our military we would not have the freedom we take for granted today. But does our freedom come from soldiers fighting for us oversees or the Son of God who ransomed us to God with His death on the cross 2000 years ago? 

My point here is simple, is it possible that our failure to read Revelation the way it was intended caused us to fall into idle worship of the mighty earthly system of Babylon the great? Can a brand new revelation from the 19th century be the correct interpretation when the last 1800 years of the church history did not know or teach dispensationalism?  In the famous last words of 1 John, "Little children, keep yourselves from idles!"