Where to Next?

We are currently in Rockford Illinois! Go cubs!

These past 3 and a half months we feel we have lived so much life... and though at times it's testing and so hard, the Lord is growing our faith so much! Like we needed this time for God to just cause such a growth spur in our hearts. It's been so cool to visit different churches and different denominations and experience so many different aspects of the body.

We are now praying about where to go next! We need your prayer and crave your encouragement! We are heading to Cincinnati area next we believe, then southward toward Atlanta. That's a very rough idea directionally.

Please pray for us! Living in a way that causes us to solely rely on the Lord is sooo good for our hearts but challenging in many ways. Fear and doubt (least for me) can easily set in and the enemy loves to try and get into my head.

As we look for opportunities to serve and love people, please pray God will send us where he desires us to go! To build up and mutually encourage one another.

If you yourselves could use our services, or know anyone who could....that live between Chicago and Cincinnati and then between Cincinnati and Atlanta ... please let us know. We would love to come to you.

Thank you so so much! Please follow us at stoneandflower.org and feel free to comment and subscribe if you have time, as that is so encouraging to us!

Much ❤️ M