We were blessed to meet Antoine whose humilty humbled us so much! We got to show him the love of Christ and serve him in a special way. Keep him in your prayers, that he would know his Father in Heaven loves him and keeps him perfectly.

Charlotte and Terra

We got to do two days of work for these ladies! We dug out a ditch and raked leaves. We picked Chestnuts, cracked'em out of their porky-pine shell and bagged them for sale. Our 2nd day we picked a truck load of Walnuts!! We didn't get any pics with them, we forgot...Please keep them in your prayers for provision and God's continued mercy upon them.


Michelle's momma!  Time with her is always too short. Keep her in your prayers that she would know the love that Jesus has for her! That Christ would comfort her in every way.

Kim and Bas

Michelle's Aunt and Uncle! Our time with them was short but precious and forever stored in our hearts. Keep them in your prayers that Christ would be full in them.

The Welsh Family

Visited with John and Lauren in Virginia! Our time with them was refreshing and the home cooked meal was so what we needed. Keep them in your prayers they manage their time in busy but amazing lives. Sorry this is the only pic we rememberd to take.

Steve, Mickey, and the boys

In West Virginia we went to visit Michelle's brother and his family. We got to give my brother and Mickey some relaxing time while we keep the boys attentions while there. They treated us to camping and some caves! Keep them in your prayers as they grow in Christ and are raising fast growing boys.


We got to help out Mark while we were in Rockford. He is preparing to move and had alot of sorting and clearing out of rooms in his home. Blessed to have helped him out. Keep him in your prayers has he is a busy man with alot to accomplish.

The Duricks

These are our besties! We got to serve with them at their church on Sunday morning and do life with them! We were blessed so much by the love of Jesus that they showed us! and they took us to our first Cubs game. Keep them in your prayers as they prepare to move to Thialand to help fight sex trafficing.

Emelye and Casey

Sometimes we get to visit friends and there are no projects... just rest and rejuvenation. These guys let us relax in their hot tub and taught us about Duck eggs. Sorry we forgot to get a pic with Casey. Keep them in your prayers as Jesus contiues to love them.

The Naughtons

There wasn't many projects to be found in Colorado, but there was a great family we got to love on and receive love from! Plus some pretty amazing kids we got to play with. Keep them in your prayers as Robert has just graduated from seminary and Brie is with child, her 4th.

Bill and Susette

These guys were our 2nd project and they were so amazing! Wisdom and kindness flowed from them. They keep busy making jewelry and selling it at festivals. Keep them in your prayers!


Mimi was the first lady we had the joy of serving! She blessed us way more than we blessed her! She was such an encouragement to our spirits. Keep Mimi in your prayers as she struggles with much physical pain.